Know your audience

Studies by internet service providers, now show that one of the most common internet browsing devices in the UK in 2021, is a mobile phone.

Designing a site for phone users to use WELL is a challenge, but we love a challenge at Idox!

Mobile users don’t sit still, they “dive in” and start scrolling rather than methodically reading all the content on a long page. They’ll scroll down a page until an appropriate call to action catches their eye.

The new Sefton Directory, built on our latest framework, has many mobile-specific design features, such as a fixed “call to action” button on all the service record pages, which quickly dials the contact phone number for that record.
Positioning a button in the bottom right of a mobile screen, makes it easier for users to press it with their thumb. It’s actually in the WAI accessibility guidelines, WCAG 2.1, that any “click target” on a mobile screen should be no less than 42 pixels square, because this is the size of an average fingertip.

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