Virtual Customer Forum

We are inviting our customers to come together to discuss all things Directory! In this session, we will present our platform development roadmap for 2023, including the results of our research to enhance the platform’s search function. We are also keen to showcase some of the great new websites that we’ve been collaborating with our… Continue reading Virtual Customer Forum

Headings Are Important

Search engines use the headings within each page to index the structure and content of your web pages. Users often skim a page by its headings, and screen reader software usually generates a navigable list for each page, using its headings. It is therefore very important to use meaningful headings to show the page structure.… Continue reading Headings Are Important

Directory Change Requests

As part of a series of improvements that we are making to better support our Directory customers, we are introducing a new dedicated resource to facilitate Directory website change requests. We hope that, over the coming months, that you will see a significant improvement in the timeliness of our responses to these. As we introduce… Continue reading Directory Change Requests

Our latest Directory refresh goes live!

This week, Islington Council went live with their brand-new multi-channel directory website. Built on our latest wireframe, the website’s unique design is a great example of how their strong brand, fyi, brings together multiple channels of information, advice, and guidance for a clear and cohesive user journey. Check it out here:

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Our Ideas Hub is getting a new home

Raising new ideas and viewing, commenting on and voting for ideas contributed by other local authorities will remain at the heart of how you can engage with us. We are building on this by making it a dedicated space for our Directory community and improving progress updates on the ideas that we are actively considering and working on. To do this means moving the existing ideas to… Continue reading Our Ideas Hub is getting a new home

Directory platform maintenance

Dear valued customer To conclude our current Directory platform maintenance programme, a final hardware upgrade is required to ensure the ongoing performance and resilience of our hosting environments. We have scheduled this upgrade to take place on Thursday, April 28th 2022, starting at 12pm. During the upgrades, there may be disruption to your services. This… Continue reading Directory platform maintenance

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Programmatic SPAM

We have received reports from some of our customers that their Directory websites have been the targets of programmatic SPAM. As per our development roadmap, we are actively developing a new Google reCAPTCHA solution to actively prevent this from happening. Please be assured that our Development Team continue to look at this as their top… Continue reading Programmatic SPAM

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