Our Ideas Hub is getting a new home

Raising new ideas and viewing, commenting on and voting for ideas contributed by other local authorities will remain at the heart of how you can engage with us. We are building on this by making it a dedicated space for our Directory community and improving progress updates on the ideas that we are actively considering and working on.

To do this means moving the existing ideas to a brand new Directory Ideas Portal.

What is moving?

The space for raising ideas for changes to the Directory Platform. Included will be all existing ideas that are not completed or otherwise closed. In addition, all existing users will be moved and shall retain links to their ideas.

What is not moving?

Any ideas that have been completed or otherwise closed.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to move existing comments previously made against ideas. However, we will retain all those comments internally for reference in our consideration and planning.

When are Ideas moving?

The move will happen on Monday, 4th April and all existing users will soon receive an email invitation to complete registration on the new portal.

Should you have any questions, please let me know.